List of Major League Baseball Catchers

Complete Baseball Catcher Index (1871-2010)
Johnny Rabb to Mike Ryan
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Rabb, John
Rabelo, Mike
Rader, Dave
Rafter, Jack
Ramirez, Max
Ramos, Bobby
Ramos, John
Ramos, Wilson
Rand, Dick
Ranew, Merritt
Ransom, Jeff
Rariden, Bill
Ratliff, Paul
Raub, Tommy
Rayford, Floyd
Redmond, Billy
Redmond, Jack
Redmond, Mike
Reece, Bob
Reed, Jeff
Rego, Tony
Reiber, Frank
Reilley, Charlie
Reipschlager, Charlie
Rementer, Butch
Rensa, Tony
Retzer, Ken
Reyes, Gilberto
Reyes, Jose
Reynolds, Charlie
Reynolds, Ronn
Reynolds, Bill
Rice, Del
Rice, Len
Richards, Paul
Richardson, Kevin
Richmond, John
Ricketts, Dave
Rickey, Branch
Rico, Art
Riddle, John
Riddle, Johnny
Riebe, Hank
Riggins, Shawn
Ringo, Frank
Rinker, Bob
Ritter, Floyd
Ritter, Lew
Ritterson, Whitey
Rivera, Mike
Rivera, Rene
Roach, Mike
Roarke, Mike
Roberts, Skipper
Roberts, Dave
Robertson, Jim
Robinson, Aaron
Robinson, Bruce
Robinson, Charlie
Robinson, Jack
Robinson, Wilbert
Robinson, Yank
Robles, Sergio
Roche, Jack
Rodgers, Buck
Rodriguez, Ellie
Rodriguez, Ivan
Rodriguez, Ruben
Rogers, Emmett
Rogers, Jay
Rojas, Cookie
Rollinson, Bill
Romano, Johnny
Romero, Mandy
Ronan, Marc
Rondeau, Henri
Roof, Phil
Rosado, Luis
Rosar, Buddy
Rosario, Mel
Rose, Mike
Roseboro, Johnny
Roselli, Bob
Ross, Dave
Rossi, Joe
Roth, Frank
Rowe, Jack
Rowen, Ed
Rowland, Chuck
Rowland, Rich
Roxburgh, Jim
Royster, Willie
Roznovsky, Vic
Ruberto, Sonny
Rudolph, Ken
Ruel, Muddy
Ruiz, Carlos
Rumler, William
Russell, Harvey
Russell, John
Ruszkowski, Hank
Ryan, Dusty
Ryan, Jack
Ryan, Mike
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